Pet Treatment

Love the pets. Hate the stains.

At Father and Son Carpet Cleaning, we offer specialized and customized treatment for pet stains. Our customized carpet cleaning procedures will satisfy all of your pet treatment carpet cleaning needs. We have well-trained and experienced technicians who spend real time to remove even the worst looking and smelling stains. We can remove stains from anything; pet stained carpets, rugs, and furniture to ensure your house will be as fresh as possible. No matter what type of pet accident, from cats to dogs and everything in between, our team can handle it.

A normal carpet cleaning will not work on most pet stains. Pet urine and other spills deeply embedded in your carpet require special products and a sub surface cleaning. A typical carpet cleaning process will not clean what is below the backing of the carpet nor will it clean what is in your carpet padding. We have developed two procedures, a sub surface cleaning, that will extract soiled conditions below the carpet surface and a topical pet treatment, used for lighter saturation of pet accidents. Taking care of pet accidents is not about carpet cleaning, but it is about carpet restoration. The soil level in the carpet determines which method should be used.

Topical Pet Treatment:

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-8-13-05-amTopical pet treatment is recommended for pet stains that were quickly removed from the carpet and is considered when the dog or other pet is very small, therefore the soil is at the surface level of the carpet. This topical procedure is also warranted when the small pet had one accident in one spot as opposed to many accidents in the same location.  With this treatment, pet treatment solutions are added to the pre-spray and this is followed by a deep steam clean. With this treatment, the cleaning process is slowed down and it is deeper and hotter than a normal carpet cleaning to help insure that all contaminants are eliminated from the carpet fiber.  This treatment will remove odors and stains on the surface level of the carpet, this treatment does not guarantee the removal if the urine or other contaminant is in the padding of the carpet.

“Sub Surface” Treatment:

A sub surface treatment is recommended when the urine or other substance has seeped below the surface of the carpet. A sub surface treatment will clean at the sub-floor, padding, backing, and surface of the carpet to ensure the removal of  the contaminant from the carpet and padding.  We will guarantee the removal of all odor causing substances with this procedure.  If need be, we will return for a touch up in the event our work was not perfect at no extra charge. We may be the only carpet cleaning service in Utah who offers such a service!

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