100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

img_0616Our aim is to make sure every single one of our customers is satisfied with the carpet cleaning services we provide, whether they be for your home, business, automobile, or upholstery. We are a local family owned company who serves Utah and Salt Lake Counties.

Below are some of the testimonials from our satisfied clients.  We hope to make you one of our happy customers as well. Let us know how we can help make your car, home, or business look like new again.

Not only did Father & Son do an excellent job, they were also some of the nicest people I’ve met.  What’s interesting as well is that the actual Father & Son were the ones who showed up to do my cleaning. It’s nice to find a small carpet cleaning business who really focuses on the client and the job.  I felt like they actually were invested in making my carpets look like new. I will certainly recommend Father & Son to my friends and I do believe they are Utah’s Best Carpet Cleaning service like they claim to be. — Jerry S.

I had Father & Son clean my office. I had personally tried to get 2 or 3 stains up by myself without any success.  I used what I thought was the best stain remover a layman can buy but it did nothing.  I also rented a steam cleaner and cleaned the carpet. While that helped a little, the dirt came back within what seemed like just a matter of days.  I finally called Father & Son who came in on a Saturday for me so as not to interrupt business. They did an excellent job and the carpets still look clean. If anyone needs a good carpet cleaner, they are the one to get the job done right. — Chris S.

Remember me and my dirty carpets?? You guys made them look GREAT! Well we have a new baby coming into, the house.. Need them done again.. How much? 🙂  — Laticia M.

I can’t thank you enough! My carpets were so bad I thought I would have to replace them. I still don’t know how you did it! You got out rust, paint, and dirt, and also recolored some bleached out spots. I won’t go anywhere else. These guys are the best!  — Susan G.

I didn’t think the carpets were really dirty in the house I just bought but I thought I might as well have them cleaned anyway before I move in. After seeing what Ryan and Edward pulled out, though, I’m glad I called. These guys cleaned all my carpets for a very low fee, did a great job and even helped me with some other small tasks while they were here. Thanks guys! I’ll be using Carpet Rehab again next time I need my carpets cleaned.  — Ben B.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job!! just like new.  — Brooke F.