Impress clients, employees, investors and more with stunningly clean carpet in your office. At Father and Son Carpet Cleaning, we have built our business around achieving "New clean." Our signature solution mix is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and super effective. Our cleaning processes have been refined again and again. Our tested and true method is sure to please, because we don't stop until your carpet looks NEW.

Our People and Culture Rock

You have our promise that our account executive staff, technicians and customer service people will always be a pleasure to work with. You will see efficiency and experience as we clean, your questions and concerns will be promptly and satisfactorily addressed, and you will seriously love the end results!

Unique Maintenance Schedule

Did you know that accumulated dirt particles in your carpet act as an abrasive, wearing down your carpet? We do. This is why we launched Floor Care 1. We will maintain your carpets between major cleanings to keep them looking newer for longer. Don't worry, we’ll keep track of the schedule for you.

We work for YOU

We want you to want to work with us again and again. We know that the only way that is going to happen is if you love us. You can bet we will strive to earn your love.

Track Record of Success

Our reviews on FaceBook, Google and speak for themselves. Visit our testimonials page to see what our customers have had to say about us
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