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Couch, Chair, and Upholstery Cleaners

Upholstery, just like carpet, can get extremely soiled.  Body oil, food, drinks, pets, and a multitude of other contaminants work their way into the very fiber of upholstery.

We Clean Upholstery

We are one of Utah’s best upholstery cleaning services.  Our unique and customized carpet cleaning service is also customized to treat your upholstery, whether it be rough, delicate, or in between.  We will also take care of the stains that may plague your upholstery.  When we are through with our cleaning process you will see a couch or chair that you haven’t seen since you first bought it.  You will be surprised at how clean and new it will look.

The Drying Process Is Quick

Many people ask how long the drying process will take when a hot water extraction process is used.  In most cases, the upholstery is dry within a few hours.  That is because we use a unique process of making the ideal cleaning mixture with the ideal amount of hot water.  We give it the right steam to make sure it gets clean.

Clean Your Upholstery Today

Let us clean your upholstery with superb quality today. Call us at (801) 618-1390 to schedule a time that works around your schedule to clean your couch, chair, or other furniture.  We serve the Salt Lake and Provo areas, including Utah County, Salt Lake County.