Floor Care 1

A Revolutionary Way to Keep Your Carpet Clean.

Clean carpets. Always.

Save Money.

Stress-free Service Plan.

A lot of things car wear out your carpet, but the single biggest factor is dirt. Dirt, soil, salt and even sand collect and concentrate in your carpet in an astonishingly short period of time. These elements work their way deep into your carpet's fibers and erode them, just like sand paper. Most people don't get their carpets cleaned until they are visibly dirty. Unfortunately, by that time, there has already been damage done. This is why we started a revolutionary service called Floor Care 1

In our Floor Care 1 program, we will ensure that your carpets stay free of corrosives by cleaning them every 3 months. Each cleaning will be far less expensive than deep cleaning a soiled carpet, so you will save money AND get to enjoy constantly clean carpets! Best of all, your carpets will last 2x their average service life.

You have more than enough on your mind. Why stress about when to clean your carpets? Let us worry for you with our Stress-free Service Schedule! We are the only carpet cleaning service in Utah that provides a plan like this!

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