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Get the Right Utah Carpet Cleaning Service for the Right Price

Several major factors work together to produce excellent carpet cleaning results. The single most important factor in this equation is the technician and his abilities, knowledge, attitude, and common sense. It is the technician’s responsibility to properly utilize the machines, equipment, and solutions in his arsenal. Additional factors include a well-designed and maintained truck mount machine, proper equipment, and appropriate solutions/chemicals.

A truck mount carpet cleaning machine is significant for the technician to effectively clean carpets. It is important to make sure your carpet cleaner is using a truck mount when cleaning your carpets, and here are a few reasons: Truck mounts provide properly heated water, which creates steam to help disinfect the carpet. They also provide very strong extraction/vacuum for no left-behind residues, which leaves the carpet as dry as possible. A truck mount can produce great levels of PSI for the rinsing action that takes place at the carpet level at the end of the wand. This pressure and heat is also very effective in cleaning tile and grout. Asking about additional services, such as tile and grout cleaning, will result in cleaner flooring throughout your house; it should also result in a volume discount, saving the consumer money.

Many consumers are concerned about price, but quality should also be a major concern. When choosing your carpet cleaner, you should check to see the condition of their truck mount and their equipment; does their truck mount and equipment appear to be well maintained? An important element that can be checked by the consumer is the level of heat in the rinse solution line. This can be observed by looking at the wand as it moves along the carpet to see if steam is being created. Another test can be done by picking up the solution line, which lies on your carpet, with the permission and guidance of the technician (normally a ½ inch, blue line) and checking the temperature of the line with your hand; if it is not hot to the touch, then it is not hot enough to do the job right.

Another aspect of the machine that can be easily checked is the extraction/suction power. Again, with the technician’s permission and guidance, you can feel the suction at the end of the vacuum hose inside your house, which usually is a 2-inch hose. Aside from heat and suction, the solutions are also a major part of achieving a clean carpets. Look and ask about the chemicals and solutions your carpet cleaner is using. Make sure the solutions are designed to be used by truck mounts and for your carpet. You may ask if the solutions that will be used on your carpet were mixed on sight or if it was mixed prior to the technician’s inspection of the carpet. The solutions your carpet cleaner uses should be mixed after they see the types of stains and spots, soil level, and condition of your carpet so that the cleaning is literally customized for the job at hand.

Be willing to conduct online research regarding the carpet cleaning company that you are about to invite into your home. Another important question to ask is if your carpet cleaner is insured. If a mishap occurs, the consumer should not be held responsible due to an uninsured service provider. The consumer should be careful of unscrupulous business practices, such as bait and switch. Confirm, with the carpet cleaner, that there are no hidden fees associated with the job requested or described by the consumer.

Take notice of whether or not your carpet cleaner has proper training or knowledge about the solutions and equipment he is using. Do not allow the professional carpet cleaner to charge extra for elements of the service that should be provided as part of a proper carpet cleaning procedure, such as using pre-spray, a rinse, or hot water. You want a company that doesn’t abandon their customer and has proper customer service, a company that will do the job right no matter what. The company should accept payments in methods other than just cash. Overall, you want a technician and a company that sincerely cares about cleaning your carpet correctly and completely. You need a carpet cleaner who will stay to fix problem spots and even return to make it perfect if need be. Lastly, always remember: you get what you pay for!

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