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Avoid Wet Carpets After Cleaning

Have you ever had your carpets cleaned and then come back home to find the carpets were wet for hours and hours afterward?  It leaves a damp smell in the home and negates much of the reason why you had the carpets cleaned in the first place.

At Father & Son Carpet Cleaning, we make it a priority to leave carpets as dry as possible upon leaving a home or residential building.  Our carpets dry quickly after we clean them because we maintain our cleaning equipment to the highest standards.

The Equipment is Key

The primary reason carpets stay wet for long periods of time is that the extracting equipment used on the carpet is not working properly and that is because it is not maintained properly.  Many carpet cleaning companies neglect to maintain their equipment and focus only on getting in and out of a job.  At Father & Son, we take the time to properly maintain our equipment after each use.  We clean out our filtering systems regularly so that our extractors do not lose suction.  We change the oil and conduct other maintenance to keep our equipment in tip-top shape.

The little things we do to maintain our equipment shows up in our work.  Check out a house or building we have cleaned right after we’ve finished and you will see that the carpets are practically dry when we leave.  There are no long-term musty smells or dampness.  This approach to our cleaning also results in cleaner carpets longer.  Damp carpets attract dirt and embed the dirt deep into the carpet, making another cleaning more likely, earlier.

We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible for our customers and that includes keeping our equipment up-to-date and maintained.  Call us at 801.618.1390 if you are ready to have the best Utah’s carpet cleaning experience.


Why use steam cleaners?

Steam cleaners are an excellent tool for deep cleaning carpets. Not only do they help in removing dirt and stains, but the high temperature of the steam also enables effective sanitization, killing germs, bacteria, and dust mites. Additionally, steam cleaning is beneficial for tile and grout cleaning.

What are carpet extractor’s key features?

Carpet extractors have several key features including a high-pressure pump for effective cleaning, high suction power for water extraction, large capacity tanks for holding cleaning solution and dirty water, and a heating element to maintain an optimal cleaning temperature. Some models offer a trusted clean package as well, which may include different attachments and detergents to make the cleaning process more effective.

Which type of vacuum is best for carpets?

For carpets, an upright vacuum with a motorized brush is usually best. This type helps to stir up and remove more dust and dirt from carpet fibers. Moreover, a vacuum with good suction power and HEPA filtration is ideal as it ensures all the dirt and allergens get trapped inside the vacuum, improving the air quality.

Do steam cleaners work on all carpets?

Most carpets can be safely cleaned with a steam cleaner. However, some delicate fabrics and carpets with colorfast issues should be tested in an inconspicuous area before full steam cleaning. It’s always recommended to check the manufacturer’s instructions before proceeding with steam cleaning.

Where to buy professional carpet cleaners?

Professional carpet cleaning equipment can be purchased from a variety of retailers both online and in stores. Many trusted clean supply outlets will offer a range of options, including steam cleaners and extractors. You can also check the manufacturer’s website or trusted online marketplaces.

How often should carpet cleaning equipment be maintained?

Carpet cleaning equipment should be maintained regularly to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. The frequency of maintenance varies based on usage. However, as a general rule, the equipment should be inspected and cleaned after every use, and serviced annually by professionals.

Which features are important in carpet cleaning equipment?

Important features in carpet cleaning equipment include powerful suction, water temperature control, ease of use, a high-capacity reservoir, and sturdy construction. In addition, carpet cleaning tools should have attachments for upholstery, stairs, and other hard-to-reach areas for comprehensive cleaning.

Can carpet cleaning equipment remove tough stains?

Yes, quality carpet cleaning equipment can remove even tough stains. The combination of the right cleaning solutions, high-temperature water, and powerful extraction can effectively break down and remove stubborn stains.

Can vacuums remove all dirt?

Vacuums are effective at removing surface dirt and debris from carpets. However, for deep-set dirt and stains, professional cleaning equipment like steam cleaners or carpet extractors are needed. These machines use a combination of hot water, cleaning solutions, and powerful extraction to thoroughly clean carpets.

Which tools for pet stains?

Pet stains can be tough to clean. For these, enzyme-based detergents can be very effective, as they break down the proteins in pet urine. Additionally, a carpet cleaner with a targeted pet tool can help remove pet hair and persistent stains.

Is professional carpet cleaning equipment necessary?

For regular maintenance, a good quality vacuum should be sufficient. However, for deep cleaning and stain removal, professional equipment such as steam cleaners or carpet extractors can give superior results. These machines are designed to provide a deeper, more thorough clean than standard vacuums.

What are common carpet cleaning methods?

The most common carpet cleaning methods include hot water extraction (often referred to as steam cleaning), dry cleaning, and carpet shampooing. Each method has its advantages. Steam cleaning, for example, provides deep cleaning and sanitization, while dry cleaning is ideal for delicate fabrics.

When to replace vacuum filters?

Vacuum filters should be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on usage and the manufacturer’s instructions. If you notice a decrease in suction power or if the vacuum starts releasing a foul smell, it may be time to replace the filter.

Are portable cleaners efficient?

Portable carpet cleaners can be very efficient for spot cleaning and handling smaller areas. They are also useful for cleaning upholstery and hard-to-reach areas. However, for cleaning larger areas or for deep cleaning, full-sized carpet cleaning machines are more efficient.

How to choose a carpet cleaning machine?

When choosing a carpet cleaning machine, consider the size and type of your carpets, the specific cleaning needs (like pet stains or heavy traffic), your budget, and storage space. Look for a machine with strong suction power, a large water tank, and a variety of attachments for different cleaning tasks.

When to replace carpet cleaning supplies?

Carpet cleaning supplies like detergents and spot cleaners should be replaced when they run out. However, if they’re seldom used, be aware that these products do have shelf lives and may lose efficacy over time. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for details on when to replace these supplies.

Is steaming effective on carpets?

Yes, steaming is highly effective on carpets. The hot steam penetrates deep into the carpet fibers, loosening dirt, debris, and stains, which are then extracted by the machine. Additionally, the high temperature of the steam has a sanitization effect, killing dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. This cleaning method helps to restore the appearance of your carpet and can extend its life. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding steam cleaning to avoid any potential damage to delicate carpet materials.

Facts About Carpet Cleaning Equipment

  • Carpet cleaning equipment is essential for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of carpets.
  • There are various types of carpet cleaning equipment available, including vacuum cleaners, carpet extractors, and steam cleaners.
  • Vacuum cleaners are used to remove loose dirt and debris from the surface of the carpet.
  • Carpet extractors are designed to deep clean carpets by spraying a cleaning solution onto the carpet and then extracting the dirt and moisture with a powerful vacuum.
  • Steam cleaners use hot water and steam to sanitize and clean carpets, effectively removing stains and odors.
  • It is important to choose the right carpet cleaning equipment based on the type of carpet and the level of dirt and stains present.
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of carpet cleaning equipment is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity.
  • This includes emptying and cleaning the collection tanks, replacing filters, and checking for any damage or wear.
  • Proper storage of carpet cleaning equipment is also important to prevent damage and ensure its readiness for use.
  • Regularly inspecting and servicing the equipment can help identify any issues or repairs needed to maintain its effectiveness.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for maintenance and cleaning is essential to ensure the equipment’s warranty remains valid.

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