A truck with a vacuum attached to it providing carpet cleaning services in Salt Lake City.

Avoid Wet Carpets After Cleaning

Have you ever had your carpets cleaned and then come back home to find the carpets were wet for hours and hours afterward?  It leaves a damp smell in the home and negates much of the reason why you had the carpets cleaned in the first place.

At Father & Son Carpet Cleaning, we make it a priority to leave carpets as dry as possible upon leaving a home or residential building.  Our carpets dry quickly after we clean them because we maintain our cleaning equipment to the highest standards.

The Equipment is Key

The primary reason carpets stay wet for long periods of time is that the extracting equipment used on the carpet is not working properly and that is because it is not maintained properly.  Many carpet cleaning companies neglect to maintain their equipment and focus only on getting in and out of a job.  At Father & Son, we take the time to properly maintain our equipment after each use.  We clean out our filtering systems regularly so that our extractors do not lose suction.  We change the oil and conduct other maintenance to keep our equipment in tip-top shape.

The little things we do to maintain our equipment shows up in our work.  Check out a house or building we have cleaned right after we’ve finished and you will see that the carpets are practically dry when we leave.  There are no long-term musty smells or dampness.  This approach to our cleaning also results in cleaner carpets longer.  Damp carpets attract dirt and embed the dirt deep into the carpet, making another cleaning more likely, earlier.

We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible for our customers and that includes keeping our equipment up-to-date and maintained.  Call us at 801.618.1390 if you are ready to have the best Utah’s carpet cleaning experience.

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